Thursday, October 9, 2014

◘ Definiton of Power ◘

What does power mean to me?
Power always meant having a lot of influence and control over someone, I can have someone do something for me because I have a lot of influence on someone. Because either they like me, or they are afraid of me. Currently, I don't have control or influence over someone because I never really try to have control, because when I ask myself that question. My reply is, I just wanna have fun, I just want to play futbol and such, I've never really wanted power.

If I had power, how would I use it?
Imagine if I had power, what would I do with it? In my last paragraph, I answered the question what doesn Power mean to me? I said it meant having influence or control over someone, which I could use to make someone do something that benefits me, or someone else for example. I could use to change how they see someone, to dislike or like someone, convince them of something that isn't true, or inaccurate.

When would you want power?
When you feel like people have to see a different image of you, to like you when nobody likes you.

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