Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th Class scribe post

Written by: Isaac G. (Class Scribe)
Big learning Target:
I can describe the strengths and weaknesses of different forms of government.
1. Do Know
2. Oligarchy vs Dictatorship
Sebastian Jae Won and Felipe talking and sharing answers.
            Today We started with our Do-know as usual. When we finished we would go to quizlet. We got a do-know because people were doing quizlet. Then we had to close our computers and pay attention to miss Vallilo. She told us what we would do today. Then we talked to our partners. After that we shared the answers with the class. After we shared our answers with the class we were given a sheet about dictatorship and oligarchy.We were given the instructions to read and gist it. Everyone got straight to work.After, We had to look for a partner that would help us interpret this writing. Then we got with them and went to work. When we finished we shared the differences between Oligarchy and dictatorship. Then we answered these questions: What are characteristics of an oligarchy? Is it a strong form of government? We answered these with a partner. Then we changed partners and asked the questions but this time about dictatorship. Then we moved to our original seat and we answered some questions as a class. We opened up our blog and we answered What does power mean to you? After we answered this she told us to go to the website Then we answer where in your life is power important to you. We finished and had wrote down the homework(Publish power blogpost.) Then we looked at our computer and flipped to the back of the do-know and wrote what we think our grade should be. Remember homework is the blogpost.

Gist= writing a four to five word paragraph

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