Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Class Scribe: Colin

  • Do Now
  • Anchor Chart
  • Democracy:1 Direct vs Indirect
  • Simulation #2 
  • Obligation vs Dictatorship
Big learning targets
  1. I can describe the strengths + weaknesses of different forms of government.

Some of the paragraph we read.
     Today we started with the Do Now. In the Do Now we had to read about direct democracy and gist each paragraph we read. We got 15 minutes to work on this. And when you finish you can go work on Quizlet. After everyone finished reading we talked about the difference between direct democracy and representative democracy. 
     Next we made chart on our desk and compared and contrast direct with representative. We had 5 minutes to get as much information as we can. 
Lucas working on the chart
     After we made the chart we split up into groups. The people closest to the door would highlight the direct government's strengths and weaknesses. The people closest to the window would highlight the representative's strengths and weaknesses. 

     Later we got into our groups from yesterday. We where assigned two leaders of each group who got to decide how to split the candy. But then an evil dictator took over and he/she got to decide how we got the candy. In my group Sofi was the dictator that made us do really stupid tasks to earn candy.

NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

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