Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15

Class Scribe:Lara Fonseca
Do Now:Word Nerd
Video Analysis 
Jigsaw Close Read
Prepping for Lit Circle #1
Guiding Question:What is revolution?

     Today,we started with the Do Now which was to sign in to quizlet and go in to the set called Apartheid and study or play games with the words.I would like to congratulate everyone for staying on task and working hard while we were doing our Do Now.After that we took out our homework which was about the Soweto uprising document and shared it with our partner.After we shared our responses with our partners,we shared our information with someone that read a different section from the text than us and wrote their answers in a document.Later, we went to the Research Notecatcher and wrote on one of the boxes the summary of the text we read and the source which was the name of the text:The Soweto Uprising:Thousands of Students Stand United.
Out Of Bounds
     Then,we took out or book Out Of Bounds and put our names on it so we wouldn't loose it.Then we read through the title,the back cover(...) to understand more about the book we were going to read this quarter.We got a paper called Lit Circle 1:Out of Bounds(one side of it is the double entry journal).This lit circle sheet is different from the one we used in Ties That Bind(...) because we have to answer the questions that are given.We circled important words in the questions so we could have a better understanding of them.The homework is to read the chapter The Typewriter (page 72) and complete the Double Entry Journal.Have a good week!

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