Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Class Scribe, October, 15, 14

Class Scribe: Victor Vieira

On the Agenda Today

1. Do Now: Word Nerd 
2. Jigsaw Close Read 
3. Video Analysis 
4. Prepping for Lit Circle 1#

Guiding Question: What is Revelation?
Big Learning Targets: None (Miss. V keeps it to us)
Supporting Learning Targets: None 

Today on October,15, 2014 we start with the Do Now the class is working carefully to earn their Word Nerd Glasses. Any Student That works well on Word Nerd gets their Word Nerd Glasses. The Do Now is on Quizlet, The word set is called Apartheid. Thats is what the Do Now is about. The Do Now is short but Miss. Vallillo wants the class to really understand the words and gives 10 minutes to learn. Ms. Vallillo gives the class a 2 more minutes on the Do Now. Ms. Vallillo gave us Scholar Swag for coming in and working on the Do Now before class even started.

Andre did a good job on working right away on the Do Now
The Class moved now to the Jigsaw Close Read. The class took out The Soweto Uprising. Ms. Vaillillo told us to make sure we have the most information on the Jigsaw Note Catcher on the Google Docs.  Ms. Vallillo gave Scholar Swag because Karishma was working hard. Ms. Vallillo gave some extra time to edit our answers.  Two people from group A and B talk and discuss to give reasons. While the people from group A talk, group B will summarize what they said on their Doc. Ms. Vallillo gaves us 12 minutes. 6 minutes for group A and six minutes for group B. The groups are working and talking about the Soweto Uprising. I here Marcos talking about the Soweto Uprising with a lot of details. 
Marcos working with Isabela and Layla 

The Class is now talking about the Soweto Uprising. Ms. Vallillo passed sticky notes around and then we had to write our questions. Takuma asked a good question "what do we call a guy who is not white or black." Now we have summarize our sectors, then explain our answers. Ms. V is asking us what we have to include. Our class came up with this, Dates and Events (What), Groups Of People, Involved (Who), (Why?), Where, How. The class is now working on the Research Notecatcher. In our Docs. We have to write a box about the source and the summary of the source.  

Ms.  Vallillo told us to write our names in out new books. "Out Of Bounds" The class moved on to reading the back. The book was written by a Black South African. The author lived through the segregation in South Africa. Ms. Vallillo is talking about the homework.

The HW: Read The Typewriter, page 72-95 + Double-Entry Journal ( Due Next Tuesday)

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