Friday, October 24, 2014

Marcos: Acting as Class Scribe.

Do Now: Blog Post
Review Close Reading Note-catcher
Writers Workshop: Description 1
Quick Write 2
Peer Critique
Debrief: Writers Toolbox

Big Learning Targets:
1.0 I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of apartheid.

3.0 I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative.

Today in humanities we started of with the Do Now like everyday. On the Do Now, there was a question that we had to answer as a blog post on our blogs, the question was "How can language be a form of oppression?"They had to put evidence form the book, Out of Bounds or from the text, The Soweto Uprising. After this we quickly reviewed the learning targets. After that, Everyone took out their homework and they had to share their answer with the person sitting next to them and if they were not completely sure of their answers, they could use their partners to help them. Baltasar read aloud a paragraph that would help us on question number 2 on the homework and we talked about that paragraph. We talked about stereotypes that went on in apartheid and how that affected lots of people. We also talked about how race was a social construct. Now, Ms. V gave us a direction were a person has to read a slip of paper that was passed out and then the persons partner has to try and draw what they think the slip of paper is describing. Now the person who read the slip of paper is going to get a marker and draw what they think the paper that the partner is reading is describing. After that, Ms. V asked us to circle words on the two papers that were read and they had to circle words that they think that make it easier  to understand and draw. Then, people shared the words or phrases they circled and why. Next, Ms. V asked us to open a document on google drive called Writers Workshop Debrief were we had to answer some questions about the activity that we just did. After we shared the questions a bit from the doc, Ms V asked us to open another document another document called Quick write were we had to write about a picture as if you were a bystander and describe what it would be like.



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