Friday, October 24, 2014

Class Scribe Post

Karishma acting as Class Scribe
Day C
October 24, 2014

  • Do Now: Sequence timeline
  • Quick Write #2 work time
  • Writer's Workshop: Adding in sensory details + special transitions
Big Learning Targets:
1.0 I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding or Apartheid

3.0 I can write a clear + engaging historical fiction narrative 

Do Now:

Picture of Catalina's Do Now
On our Do Now, we had to go back to any of our readings that we read this quarter and find a specific date. After finding the date, we had to jot down why that date was important and which reading you got it from. The picture to the right is of Catalina's Do Now. She did a great job in finding relevant dates in our readings this quarter. 

Screenshot of Quick Write 
Quick Write 2:

Our objective for our second quick write was to study an image and pretend you are a bystander (someone watching this event happen).  Think about where you would be standing, what you would be doing, and how it would affect what you saw.  Describe this picture as if you were explaining what you saw to someone who wasn’t there.  Make sure you use sensory details, clear descriptions, and transitions that show movement through space. You also had the freedom to choose which kind of format you wanted to write.

Picture of revising the paragraph

Writer's Workshop: Adding in sensory details + special transitions:
We received a sheet of paper on which was a descriptive paragraph. It was describing a picture of a young woman in the Soweto uprising. We had to revise the paragraph by adding more descriptive words and phrases. After we were done revising, the paragraph sounded much better than before. 
The picture we described in the paragrapg

Read Out of Bounds: The Noose + Double Entry Journal (due Friday)


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