Thursday, October 23, 2014

Class Scribe.

Lupe acting as class scribe Day B ·
Oct 23 2014
  • Do know: Blog post
  • Review Close Reading note catcher
  • Writers Workshop: Description 1
  • Quick write 2
  • peer critique
  • Debrief: Writers Toolbox

Big learning target
 1.0 I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of Apartheid
 3.0I can write a clear + engaging historical fiction narrative

Supporting learning targets
  3.4 I can show, not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory detail, and dialogue
  4.1 I can write an unbiased, fact-based summary of a text


We first started we the do now by doing the blog post about how can language be a form of oppression. Ms. V gave us more time than usually because she wanted us to really think about oppression. Then, afterwards, we went back to our homework (Close Reading Notecatcher) and reviewed the questions 2 and 3 with our partners. Next we answered the questions again but this time with our partner.When we finished discusing with our partners, we started to discuss the questions with the whole class. We discussed how race is only an idea, not a scientific fact.

After that we started to do visualizing exercises. The activity was that one partner read an example, and the  other person had to draw whatever they heard from the text. We both had a chance to draw. When we finished  drawing we discussed the differences between both examples. 

Later we opened a google doc named Writer's Workshop Debrief: Sensory Details - your name. In this document we answered a few questions about sensory details. We mainly focused on when to us sensory details. Later on we started to do our Quick write 2. Barley anyone could start it but it was still part of the day. For this quick write, we had to talk about ourselves as bystanders during June 16. We have to show what is going on (not tell).

This is a vidoe of one of the converstions during the ovservational activity. 
(Victoria talking to Rachel)

The homework for today is to add a summary of the text "What does it mean to say that race is a social construct?" into the research notecatcher.

Today we earned 1 scholar swag!!! :):):):)

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