Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

                                         By Layla: Acting as Class Scribe 
                                         Monday October 27, 2014
                                                           Day D
1. Do Now
2. Flyswatter
3. Writer's Workshop: Special Transitions
4. Writing Time 
5. Peer Critique
6. Work Time: Revise Summaries 

Big Learning Targets: 
2.0 I can organize my historical fiction narrative in a clear + logical way.

Supporting Learning Targets:
2.1 I can use transition words and phrases to move my story seamlessly through time + place.
3.4 I can show, not tell, in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details, and dialogue.

Do Now: We started off the day with the Do Now, as always. The Do Now today consisted of visiting to learn some new words connected to our learning this quarter. Once we felt like we understood the words we could go back and review other words that we had learned in the beginning of the quarter. 

Flyswatter: As crazy as the name sounds, Flyswatter is actually a game. Ms. Vallillo explained the rules to the class. There was a sheet with all the words we had learned throughout the quarter. Whenever she says the definitions of the words, you had to touch the correct word that the definition describes before your partner does. The objective of the game was to help us practice the definitions of the words as they were very important to our learning this quarter. 

Writer's Workshop-Special Transitions: 
Working Hard on Their Summaries 
In this part of the agenda we focused on transition words and how they make our writing better and clearer. The first thing we did was highlight transition words that we found in two different paragraphs and then discuss with our partner what was the best paragraph and why it was that way. The reason that one paragraph was better than the other was because of the transition words that it had in it. After that we had to add special transitions and sensory details to our summaries that we have been working on and highlight them in yellow. Once we felt like we were done revising our paragraph, we had to share it with a partner of our choice.

Read The Noose
Due: Friday

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