Monday, October 27, 2014

Class Scribe - Monday, Oct. 27


  • Do Now
  • Flywatter (game)
  • Writer's Workshop: Spacial transisions
  • Writind time
  • Peer Critique

    After we did our Do Now, we played this fun and educative game
 that makes you improve on your vocabulary and also just learning new words. The rules and the objective of this game is to touch the right word as Ms. V said the definition. Who got the word right and first, got a point
and won! 


           Next, Ms. V passed out a paper with a Version 1 and a 
      Version 2 of the text our class did not long ago (last week).
      We hi-lighted transition words that made us see 
     the image that the text was showing         better. 

After the Writer's Workshop, we our " writing time " which basically was that we had to write our "quick write 2".

After we did that, we choose a partner and
they had to peer critique our writing, checking our grammer, spelling, and other mistakes.

The HW is to read "The Noose" Out of Bounds

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