Tuesday, October 28, 2014

!Humanities Class Scribe 28/10/2014! ^^


- Do Now
- Mystery Piece
- Map Analysis
- Close Reading
- Debrief

  Big Learning Target:

- I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that shows a sophisticated understanding of apartheid.

  Supporting Learning Target:

- I can explain how the White minority gained power in South Africa and how this led to Apartheid.

  As usual, our class did the DO NOW. In the DO NOW, we had to reflect on the descriptive writing we have been doing for the past few days. After reflecting, we answered the questions on the DO NOW.
  After doing the DO NOW, the partners circled number 1, 4, and 6 and discussed about the questions. After the discussion, Ms.V said to find the document called, "Writing Toolbox." In the toolbox, we noted some important words like, "Sensory Details, Spacial Transition..." and recorded the definitions in the doc. so that we can remember it when we write the story. Also we wrote why the STRONG WRITERS use it and also we wrote some learning targets related to the word.
  Later, the partner talked about 2 images of the continent Africa.
   After talking, we wrote what we noticed about the 2 images, which Ms.V called, "Mystery Piece" on the IMAGE ANALYSIS.

  After analysing, we talked or discussed about a image of 3 pictures and wrote on the IMAGE ANALYSIS.
(Sebastian, Enzo, Isaac did a great job.)

  After talking about the images, our class got divided into A and B and A had to read the 1st page and B had to read the 2nd page. Me and Felipe Dias was A. We used all the reading skills that we learned to understand the text.

HW due to 29/10/2014: Finish gisting From Colonization to Apartheid.!!

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