Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Class Scribe Post / October 28



  • Do now
  • Mystery piece
  • Map analysis
  • Close Reading
  • Debrief

Big learning targets:
1.0 I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that shows a sophisticated understanding of apartheid. 
Supporting learning targets:
1.3 I can explain how the white minority gained power in south Africa and how this led to Apartheid.

As normal the class walked in and picked up the DO NOW.  Everyone took there pen and started quickly. When we all finished we turned to the person next to us and started talking about the questions. 

After the Do Know we opened this document called Writing toolbox. In there we had to say what is sensory detailes and Why do Strong writers use it? We had to do the same thing for Spatial transition.  We also wrote some learning targets that related to this word.   

When we finished we Talked about two pictures who were on our desks. The two pictures had the continent of Africa on them. We had to talk about two questions on those images. One was What do you notice the other one was What is this map of?When we finished talking we passed another sheet. We analysed our thoughts. Then we talked about three other pictures. When we finished talking about these photos we analysed them.
Karishma and Takuma Talking about the photos.

Then we started the new activity that was in front of us. We started an activity called Close reading. We past a reading that had three reading. One was The original People of South Africa another one was European Colonization the last one was titled The mineral revolution. There were two groups A and B. A had to read the first page and B the second page. We had to read the reading and gist all the paragraphs.

HW is to complete the Gists if you have not completed them and read the Noose and the Double Entry journal which is due Friday Thats all!!

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