Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Class Scribe / October 22

*Do now, Summary of Typewriter
*Track Learning Targets
*What is race?
*Add summary to Research Note-catcher
Big Learning Targets: 

1.0: I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of Apartheid.
4.0: I can conduct high-quality research about South Africa + Apartheid.

Supporting Learning Targets:

1.8: I can explain how race is a social construct.

4.1: I can write an unbiased, fact-based summary of a text.

   So, to start Humanities class we began with the Do now. For the Do now we had to create a new summary about the chapter called the Typewriter in the book we are reading called Out of Bounds. On the Do now sheet, it gives you some examples of what to use in your summary to make it filled with relevant facts and details. We had to look for specific facts from the chapter in the book to make the summary. After everybody finished the summary, they had to switch summaries with there partner and then they read it and check off what was High Quality about their summary and what was lame about their summary. 

   After the Do now, we started to talk, and track our learning targets. One of the learning targets is 1.0 witch is above on the Big Learning Targets. The other Learning Targets were 2.0, 3.0, 4.0. We looked at the description of each learning target and assessed ourselves on if we should I've our self a 1,2,,3,4,5,6, or 7. My class were mostly around 2 and three, because the learning targets are about Africa, and the Apartheid, which we really don't know a lot about yet. 

   Next, we started our Pre-Reflection. In the Pre-Reflection we answered 4 questions about race and racism. It is just to see what we believe about race and racism. The questions were like what do you think race is and what do you think about racism. This just to see what you think about what we are beginning to talk about.
Marcos working hard on the Reflection

   One thing we started after the Pre-Reflection is "What is race". Ms. Vallillo gave us little papers with circles on it. Some of the circles where half black and half white, and half white and half striped, and so. Then we had to make categories of how to divide the circles. Some of the people classified the circles/papers by the numbers on it. Others classified them by how much color is in a circle. So there wasn't really a certain way to classify them. During that we went on to a website
 (Sorting Races) which we were supposed to sort people in specific groups such as White, Black, Latino, Asian, and European. This was supposed to see how you sort people. It could be by color of skin, their face, etc. 

     At the end of class we started to read a text. The title was What does it mean to say that race is a social construction. We just had to read the 4 paragraphs and gist them in our own words. After we made the gists we read them to our partner to see if they were good and accurate. 
**HOMEWORK**: For homework we have to finish your gists if you haven't finished it. Also you have to answer the questions on the close reading note catcher.   

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