Thursday, October 30, 2014

Class Scribe

Today we started right away with our Do Now. The Do Now involved backtracking to our text to find important dates to add to our timeline. Then, Ms. V. asked us to talk with our peers about what we found. Next, we added the dates to the timeline. We talked a little about European colonization in South Africa and apartheid. Following that, we grabbed our learning target tracker and talked to our peers about what learning targets we had already accomplished.

         After we checked with Ms. V, we began the Perseverance Self Assessment. This self-assessment was to help us set goals for ourselves. We got our computers and began our research note catcher in our Google drive. We wrote a summary of the text we read: From Colonization To Apartheid. The summary had to include a clear summarization of the text with details and gists. We started an activity called Walk + Talk. At that moment, Ms. V. called upon me to do a great acting job in front of the class to act out words like stroll and blabber. We got our Do Now and flipped it over. This activity encourages us to use stronger words in our writing like stroll and mutter instead of lame words like walk and talk. 

             We discussed a little about how authors use stronger words instead of weaker ones. After that, we went to the Quick Write and began draft three.  After a little while, we had internet problems, so we accepted defeat and started the exit ticket and went to lunch. 

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