Thursday, October 30, 2014

Class Scribe: Oct.30

Class Scribe: Felipe Dias

Oct. 30, 2014

Do Now
Perseverance Check-In
Learning-Target Check In
Writers Workshop: Strong Verbs
Writing time
Peer Share

BIG learning targets: 
3.0   I can write a clear+engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during the Apartheid.

Supporting Learning Targets:
3.4 I can show, not tell in my writing using strong verbs, sensory details, and dialogue.

            Today we started off as usual; with a Do Now. In this do now we had to get all of the ratings that we read and mark important dates in a data table. We had to write the date, why it is important, and the source where you got the date. There was a second part to the Do-Now, which was to answer a question. That question was: How did the white minority gain power in South Africa and how did this lead to the Apartheid? The question was particularly hard for some students, but Jae Wan didn’t have a hard time. He was working extremely hard and here is a picture of him:

After the Do-Now, we had to share our answers with a partner and share our important dates with the class. Lastly, we placed our dates in the timeline. 

           Next thing we did was check the learning targets. We highlighted the ones that we learned and accomplished. After that, we did a perseverance check-in with a rubric with a scale from 1-4. Then, we set a goal for perseverance this quarter.
          We then made a summary of the article called: Colonization to Apartheid. As usual, we wrote it in our research note-catcher.
          15 minutes later, our class chose two actors to read from a script. She told them to do things for them to interpret. Then, she told them to talk.
Lastly, we had to look back to our do now and flip it to the back. In the back we had to interpret phrases in a little conversation with our partner. We also chose words to put in certain parts of the script we were reading from. The two partners also had to interpret strong verbs written in the back of the Do-Now. Ms.V selected some students to say the phrases out loud.

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