Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Class Scribe

By: Priscila: acting as class scribe
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Day B

  1. Do Now
  2. Quiz Quiz Trade
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Finish that sentence ( exit ticket )
Big Learning Targets: 1.0   I can White an accurate historical fiction narrative that shows a sophisticated understanding of apartheid. 

Supporting Learning Targets: 1.3   I can explain how the write minority gained power in South Africa and how this led to Apartheid.
Do Now

Do Now: We started out our class with our Do Now.  It was about our vocabulary words from We are supposed to draw a picture to represent each vocabulary words. Then, write a sentence that uses the word correctly. 

Quiz Quiz Trade
Quiz Quiz Trade: After we are done with our Do Now, we are going to play Quiz Quiz Trade. Quiz Quiz Trade is a game that we walk with one vocabulary word around the classroom meeting different people. When we meet someone one, we face each other showing the word to that person, we figure out what is the definition of the word. We quiz each other then trade our words and go on to another person. The objective of this game is to learn the definition of the word. 

Meeting with our Jigsaw groups.
Jigsaw: Now we are getting out a paper called the From Colonization to Apartheid. We check with our partners our gists that we did in neither part A or B.  We are now answering the questions 1-4, if you read part A you are answering the questions that are about paragraphs 1-6, if you read part B you answer questions about paragraph 7-11. With the person sitting next to you, we share out our answers. Now, we are going to meet with our Jigsaw groups, when we meet each other we share out our answers for part A and B. 

Exit Ticket: Finish that sentence, it is behind the Quiz Quiz Trade paper. There is a incomplete sentence and we are supposed to finish the sentence, but it has to make sense and explain. 

Homework: Read The Noose+Double Entry Journal: Due Friday

( study the vocabulary words because we have a test about these words coming up soon! On Monday!)

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