Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Dow Now
Quiz Quiz Trade
Mystery Piece
Track LT's
Finnish that sentence!

Big learning targets:
1.0: I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that shows a sophisticated understanding of Apartheid.
Supporting learning targets:
1.3: I can explain how the white minority gained power in South Africa and how this led to Apartheid.

Today we started of with the Do Now, like most days. The activity on the Do Now was about reading a word used in our Apartheid vocabulary, then doodling a little picture that showed that word, then to write what is going on in the doodle.
Part of the Do Now
       We then moved on to the beloved Quiz Quiz trade . Where the words were Segregation, Migrate, Inhabit, taut, Resentment, Vicious, Inflict, Dire, Embody, torment, Retribution, Devastate, Apartheid, Soweto Uprising, Bantu Education Act, Afrikaaner, Afrikaans, Bantu, Boycott, Massacre, Skilled Work, Unskilled Work, Oppress/Oppression, and Revolution. If you do not know these words, study them, because there will be a quiz on them on Monday, October 29. If you need a reminder on what Quiz Quiz Trade is, it is a game that we play to review the vocabulary the class has been working on in Quizlet. 
More quizzing and trading

Quizzing and Trade

     Then, going to the Jigsaw, which was based on which side of the reading you read (A,B) of "From Colonization to Apartheid". We then shared our answers to either our partners or people of the same reading. Then we shared our answers with people of a different side of the reading.
Exchanging knowledge

Then, going back to something we did yesterday, the mystery maps! We talked to our partners to discuss what were the two maps, after reading the article about South Africa.
Ms. Vallillo explaining things

We then cleared of our desks except for our Quiz Quiz Trade sheet, which was our exit ticket. On the exit ticket (other side of the Q.Q.T sheet), we had to finish at least 5 sentences with Apartheid vocabulary in them to be allowed to leave the classroom.

The homework tonight is Out of Bounds "The Noose" and Double Entry Journal, due friday, october 31st.

By Leilani H. - Class Scribe of October 29, 2014

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