Monday, October 20, 2014

Class scribe

  • Do Now: high quality summaries
  • intro to summative assessments
  • The Bantn education act

Big learning targets 1.0: I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of apartheid.
Big learning targets 4.0: I can conduct high- quality research about South African plus apartheid.
Supporting learning targets 1.4: I can explain how laws passed in S.A. affected the rights plus responsibilities of groups of people.
   Supporting learning targets 4.1: I can write an unbiased
fact based summary of a text
   Guiding question: What is revolution?
Rachel and Victoria hilighting important sentences that shows what we will do on our writing piece.
      In class we always start with the Do Now as we did today.  The Do Now had 3 summaries about the government in south africa and theres schools, police man and students on streets protesting.  In the back of the Do Now it was written high quality discussion and lame discussions.  We had to choose witch summary is best. 1-2 or 3 and the best one is #2
sebastian writing his wonders and what he notices
this is the summative assessment sheet
After we worked on our note catcher revised it after looking at some other summaries.  After we got a sheet that said Quarter 2 summative assessment. We wrote what we wonder and notice.  Also we wrote down if the teacher said do the summative assessment, what would you do. Then with the class we wrote our steps to take before and while writing.  Some are gist, reread, research etc.
The Bantu education act
     Then we got a sheet of paper that we had to write about the Bantu education act.  There were people that read A, B, C and then people got in groups and discussed about what they read different then yours.  Example: I have A and I have to go with B or C.

3 causes of Soweto uprising

our Do Now is Read these summaries then go back to note catcher

DONT FORGET TO READ OUT OF BOUNDS- typewriter pg 72 - 95

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