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Class Scribe: October 20, 2014

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-Do Now: High Quality Summaries
-Intro to Summative Assessment
-The Bantu Education Act

Big Learning Targets: 
1.0- I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of Apartheid.
4.0- I can conduct high quality research about South Africa and Apartheid.

Congrats Rachel for being focused 24/7!
Do Now:
Today, we focused on summaries. On our Do Now, we had to compare three different summaries to each other. Apart from that, we had to: circle and info that is incorrect, box any info that you think is too insignificant, and highlight any info that is accurate. Also, we filled out a small box that asked: What was missing? 

Right before we got into the intro to the summative assessment, we finished the summaries we had begun on Wednesday.

Intro to the Summative Assessment:
Preparing List
First, we began with reading an introduction to the actual summative we were going to have. At the bottom of the page, we created a t-chart to answer what we noticed, and what we wondered. Next, we listed things we should do before writing the summative summary. Also, behind our sheet, we wrote down the most important things we should do in order to get ready for the summative. 

Good group discussion guys!
In between both activities, we received another sheet. In this one, we had to fill in about a quote we read before. Next, we swapped quotes with other people and wrote down what it told us about. We locked arms with our partners and had to look for a group that had a different reading than ours. You should've become a group of four at the end. Good job Rachel, Layla, Isabella, Rag, Artur, and Karishma for great discussions!

The Bantu Education Act:
Following up, we got into a google doc called: "The Bantu Education Act", read it, studied the graph, and answered the questions at the bottom. If you want to see the chart, go to:

Home Work:
Don't forget to finish reading chapter: The Typewriter in Out of Bounds and fill in the double entry journal for the questions, evidence, and analysis.

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