Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Class Scribe of the Day: Nina Stevens

Date: October 21, 2014
Do Now: Soweto Video
Lit Circle Quiz
Lit Circle #1
Vocab Image Matching

        Today the first thing we did in class was the Do Now. The Do Now was a video about the Soweto Uprising. The purpose of the video was to help us fill the Do Now. In the Do Now paper we needed to write what new things we learned in the video and the new questions we have after watching the video. Next we needed to talk to the person sitting next to us about what we learned about the video and our questions. One question that Thereza has is why didn’t the police get mad when the students stoned all their dogs. After that we shared our questions and what we learned to the whole class.

The second thing we did today was the Lit Circle Quiz. The purpose of the Lit Circle Quiz is to see if you actually read the book and sometimes the questions can refresh your mind about what the chapter was about. After that we had to answer three questions with our partner. The questions were, what is a typewriter, what is it used for, how might this relate to language.

The third thing we did today was the Lit Circle discussion. I heard Sebastian saying that the author was showing how the police could do anything they or the government wanted to do because they had all the power. Sofi said that on page 89 it says that, “Nandi had seen white children with expensive uniforms, complete with hats and caps, walking or being driven to school…,”  then she said that this is a clear piece of evidence showing how white people’s lives were more luxuroius and high quality than the black’s at that time. The purpose of the Lit Circle discussion is for us to get a better understanding of the book and ask questions that probably our group knows the answer. In the discussions we tell our group what we thought about the chapter that we read and what we are thinking about the book.

The fourth thing we did was the debrief. In the debrief we needed to answer some questions. The purpose of this is so we can get more information and that can refresh our minds.

Homework: Add a summary of the video we watched of the Do Now to our Research Notecatcher.

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