Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Class Scribe by Rachel

Agenda for today:                                                                                                                     8/10/14

  • Do now
  • Anchor Chart
  • Democracy: Direct VS Indirect 
  • Simulation #2
  • Oligarchy VS Dictatorship
The big learning target for today : I can describe the Strength + Weaknesses of different forms of government.

Cata working on her Do now
Yesterday we learned about different kind of government. Miss V gave us a sheet of the two types of  Democracy (Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy).In the Do Now the direction is to take out the reading that we had yesterday and start reading the other part which is the Representative Democracy and we need to gist each paragraph. While we are reading we had a question that we needed to think of " How is direct and indirect democracy different?"

Andre working in his diagram

Now the class needed to clean their table but they needed their paper that talks about the direct and representative democracy. They needed to make a Venn Diagram and talk about the difference and the similarities of the direct and representative democracy. After they worked with their diagrams, they shared their diagram. The both thing about them Andre said that they need to vote.  Also Karishima said that they both are democracy. In some aspects both can have leader said Dominick. Marcos said that the Representative Democracy has more power than Direct.

Great discussion between matt and layla!
After they worked with their diagrams they got their readings and they highlighted in two different colors the strength and weaknesses in the Direct and Representative Democracy. The people that is sitting near the door reads the Direct democracy and the people that is closer to the window reads the Representative Democracy.

Sofia's group trying to get candy dollars by push ups
Now we are doing the second simulation that we do about the candy dollars and we decide who we give the candy dollars. The leader was Felipe Verdi and ME! So we decided what to do with the last candy.
The second simulation is that out government was destroyed. The people that is not the leader can't speak.

After they did the simulations we answered some questions about the simulation. Now they opened quizlet to learn new words about government. After they discussed with their partners about what they wrote in the paper of the simulation.


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