Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tarik, acting as class scribe.

Our agenda was: 

  • Do now
  • Lit circle quiz #5
  • Lit circle #5
  • High quality questions
  • Writers workshop: Selecting textual evidence

Today, we began with our do now.  The directions were: Write down 3 questions from chapter 5 that you really think are high quality questions that you feel will spark discussion to bring to your literature circle today. Feel free to look back in your book. Then we were asked about why we thought these questions were high quality, and what were the characteristics of a high quality discussion.

The learning targets for today were:

Big learning target:
5.0: I can effectively engage in high quality, text based discussions with diverse partners.

Supporting learning target:
5.3: I can ask discussion sparking questions.

We moved on to evaluate our gisting, using the pink dots. Most people feel that they became better at gisting. Then we were shown two gists: There were a few failed attempts to ban footbinding and The British failed to prevent foot binding in 1949. We had to discuss with our partners to find out which one is better and why.  We did it again with these gists: Footbinding was painful for women and  Women often couldn't chose not to get their feet bound. 

Next, we began our literature quiz #5.

After we were done,  we wrote our goals for discussion. We reviewed the discussion agenda:
1. Review norms
2. Membership activity: What kinds of books do you most enjoy?
3. What did you think of the reading?
4. Clarifying questions/ What happened in this section of they book?
5. Deeper discussion.

I would like to give a shoutout to Matt's lit circle group because they all were listening, using their book, adding on in their discussion.

André using his book in the discussion.
After our lit circle, we had a Discussion Reflection. We had to answer some reflecting questions about our discussion.

We made a chart on our desks, labeled lame and high quality questions. We needed columns for questions we used and characteristics of both categories, lame and high quality. Then the class contributed to a  list of characteristics of lame and high quality questions.

After that, we proceeded to go to EDpuzzle to do our exit ticket. It was about selecting evidence for writing. We used the video to fill out a chart. A learning for writing was: I can use evidence to support my inferences. We can use evidence as a quote or as a paraphrase.

The homework for today is to watch the video and fill out the What? and Why? sheet.

Dominic's group having their discussion.

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