Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Class Scribe: September 1, 2014

Written by: Catalina, Acting as a Class Scribe
September 1, 2014
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The Do Now Sheet

- Do Now: Class Scribe Check In
- Word Nerd #4
- Jigsaw: Quality Check
- Jigsaw
- Synthesis

Learning Targets:
3.0 I can write in order to learn about history
3.6 I can use academic vocabulary in my writing

Do Now:
In our Do Now, we had to
1. Sign onto Our Humanities Blog and skim through the past few class scribe blogs posts.
2. Choose two blog posts from the previous week to read add comment on.
3. Extra Challenge: Try to add in your comments a thought, question, or reflection about a part of class that they mentioned in the blog post.
Photo on 9-1-14 at 10.01.jpg
Raj Working on His Quizlet

Word Nerd #4:
During the Word Nerd #4 time, everyone took out their computers and began working on their Quizlet words from the Ties That Bind set 3. Everyone was very concentrated and independently working on their words. I want to give Raj a shout out because he got working right away and he was very concentrated during his Word Nerd.

Jigsaw: Quality Check
After the Quizlet practice, we began working on our Jigsaws. We first discussed about the things that were written around and things we noticed. As a class, we began answering one of the questions from the sheet so that everyone got an idea of what we were supposed to do. When we finished that first question, we began working on the rest of the sheet. When we finished it, everyone checked their answers with our elbow partners and added on to their own.

The class got separated into their Jigsaw groups and the students that read section A began sharing their answers. The students from section B listened carefully and jotted down a little summary of what students from section A said. In the next half of the time, students from section B began sharing their thoughts about their section and the "A students" jotted down a summary.

Finally, with their elbow partners, they discussed the two synthesis questions:
1. How did China turn from an isolated empire to a country with many foreigners and foreign influences?
2. Whose was in the wrong - the British or Chinese?
Then, they got a finally answer and summarised it down to their paper.

Our homework is to read chapter 5 of Ties That Bind, Ties That Break and fill out the double entry journal.

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