Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Class Scribe: September 3, 2014

Acting as class scribe: Marcos                                                                                     September/3/2014        


  • Do Know                               Home Work: Read Chp 6 and do Double Entry journal Due Fri.
  • Evidence collection                Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday.
  • Writers Workshop
  • Work time
  • Vocab Image Matching
  • Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Finish that Sentence
Big Learning Target: 3.0 I can write to learn about history.
Supporting learning Targets: 3.5 I can use evidence to support my inferences.
3.6 I can use academic vocabulary in my writing.

In todays class, the first thing that we did was the DO NOW. The Do Now had four questions but Ms. Vallilo told use to circle the questions 2 and 3 which was what is evidence? and what is one example of evidence. We had to talk to our partners about these questions. Next, we took out our homework which was the What and Why of the video on ed puzzle and we reviewed the answers. 

After that, we all took out our computers and went to a document that Ms. Vallilo sent us and we had to put a question that was on the document in our own words. The question was "How did china become a country filled with foreigners and foreign influences after it was isolated for so long". On the same topic, we had to turn to our partners and discus three reasons how China got filled with foreigners. We then had to write down the reasons on the the document. One person said that when China lost the Opium war, the british took advantage and sold more Opium in China.

We talked about how China was isolated for so long that the other foreign countries had gotten much more modern than China and they had to open themselves up to the rest of the world. Now, the class had to find evidence from the text to go with each reason of how china got filled with foreigners. One part of evidence that victor found to support the fact that china isolated itself was that China refused any importation from foreign countries so they didn't want anything from other countries but China. We then shared all the evidence that we found to support the reasons that we wrote down.

Then we moved to the Vocab Image Matching were one person of the two partners had to open quizlet and look at the words and then match the words with the pictures that were on their desk. The are 9 questions; Gaunt, Reprimand, Plagued, Meekly, Submissive, Excruciating, Lethargy, Venture, and Appalled. Then, Ms. Vallilo said one of the words and one person of the group will pick up the picture they think it is and then Ms. V will call on a person for them to say why they think that.

After that, We started to clean up the room so that we could move on to Quiz Quiz Trade. Quiz Quiz Trade is when the whole class gets one word from quizlet on a sheet of paper and ther walk around the room and tell the people what the words mean that they are holding.


  1. Good job Marcos, your blog told us what the class did today and was full of relevant facts. I want to point that Marcos used different transition phrases at the top of each paragraph. Nice!

  2. Very good job Marcos!! I think it might be better if you put Images.. ^^ ^^ ^^