Monday, September 1, 2014

Our agenda:
  • do now
  • create or timelines
  • lit circle quiz
  • lit circle discussion
  • jigsaw

First we did our do now. Our do now was to go on to popplet and ask questions about the text we read yesterday.
 here's the link to popplet.

After our do now we wrote down important dates on post it notes and hung them up on the timeline.

                                                               some notes on the timeline

Once every body hung up their sticky note, we had our lit circle quiz. The questions were:
  1. What does father announce he is going to do for Ailin?
  2. Why are Ailin's sisters not living at home anymore?
  3. What happenes to Ailin's grandmother at the end of chapter

                                                                       Lit Circle quiz
Then we did or lit circle discussion. Everybody did very well.

Lit circle discussion sheet
Discussion agenda 
  •  review norms
  • membership activity/If you were an animal, what would you be
  • what do you think of the reading
  • clarifying questions
  • deeper discussion

 Leilani, Kayla and Lara's amazing discussion
Once everyone finished the discussion we did our jigsaw for the text we read yesterday. If you read section a you do the side for a if you read section b you do  the side for b.
section a
section b
Read chapter 5 and double entry journal due Tuesday.


  1. Sebastian great job. you have great pictures and good info. Here are two tips for next time:
    1. Put Posted By (Your Name) as class scribe.
    2. You could add more details to your post.

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  5. Sebastian, I really liked your post. I like how you have a lot of images, but in a good amount for people to understand the post better and not to get confused while reading. I also like the way you did not write everything in a big paragraph. You wrote things separately and clearly for me to understand.

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  7. Sebastian,
    Great job man! Your post was very interesting. I loved how you took a picture of all the or most of the sheets we were using. I was so sad when you couldn't participate in our lit. circle but now I see its totally worth it. Your blogpostr was amazing. Iam very proud of you.
    Great job

  8. Hey Sebastian. Your post was great. I had tons of pictures. You told what the picture was about under it and I think you got a 100% on the picture and multimedia part. I do have one thing that I want to say. You have a lot of pictures, but not a lot of writing and I think you want to have a balanced amount pictures and writing to have a really successful blogpost. In the writing that you did you had no capitalisation mistakes or spelling so that was really good.
    - Kayla

  9. Sebastian, you did a great job. You put exactly what we did that day to us to understand. And also I wonder why you put the link to Popplet because if people that don't know Popplet and click the link they will think why the poster put it because they see POpplet for the first time. Next time I believe that you are going to do better. Besides you could put more details next to the images

  10. Sebastian, I really liked how you added almost all the questions of the things we did that day. I really liked how you explained what we needed to do for homework because if I missed that day I would know what was the homework. This posts reminds me of the learning target 3.2. because you can explain what we did in class with revenant facts. Good job!