Friday, August 29, 2014

Class Scribe / August 29, 2014

By: Nic Landau: Acting as Class Scribe
August 29, 2014

* Do Now
* Create Our Timeline
* Lit Circle Quiz #4
* Lit Circle #4
* Close Read Part 2=*Jigsaw

Big Learning Targets:
1.0 - I can analyze the conflict between tradition and progress in China at the beginning of the 20th Century.
4.0 - I can read closely in order to learn about China's History
Supporting Learning Targets:
1.1 - I can explain the causes  and effects of the important moments of Conflict between the Foreigners and the Chinese.
4.2 - I can Identify a sequence of events in a text.
4.3 - I can gist to find the main idea.

Sofia adding more questions and answers on the Popplet.
         So, today we first got into our " Do Now ". We had to login to Popplet, get into our China Investigation Popplet and add more questions from what we know now from the Boxer Rebellion. We also had to put in answers to the questions from when we started the Popplet or the questions we put in yesterday. Once your done with the Popplet, you moved to Important Dates. It's very simple, just skim back through the " Foreign Imperialism in China " reading, and pick out days, months, and years. We also had to say what happened at the date you picked out.

( That's about it for the " Do Now " )

    (Then we got into our Lit Circle Quiz  (#4). As normal, it is just to see if you read the chapters assigned for homework. But also to see your knowledge about " Ties that Bind " so far.)

Gabriel writing down important facts that he heard from Victor
in the Lit Circle Discussion.

Now, we started the Jigsaw with the " Foreign 
Imperialism in China " reading. If you don't know
what the Jigsaw is, it is a paper with four questions of 
part you read about, (A or B)that you have to go back
in the text and find the answer to. 

* Read ch. 5 and do the double entry journal.

Thats all!
Have a nice weekend!


     After the quiz, we got straight into our Lit Circle, by setting our goals for discussion. Our agenda for the discussion is to (1 min) Review the norms (2 min) Membership Activity (3 min) What did you think of the Reading (4 min) Clarifying Questions (6-8 min) Deep Discussion. From the Clarifying Questions, I want to give a shout out to Gabriel, because he brought very good questions and quotes from the book to the discussion. After the discussion, we had to do the discussion reflection questions.


  1. Nice job Nic, your conventions were excellent. You didn't have any spelling errors. I liked that you used some kinds of multimedia but you could use more.

  2. I loved the way you made the Post, the format especially. I could understand it well, and your blog post didn't have that many spelling errors

  3. Nic I think that you did a great job on your blogpost. You added great details about what we did and described our schedule very well. One thing that you could have done better was speaking more enthusiastically and not just say what happened. But you added great pictures and they matched really well with your text. You did have a great ending and, I think nobody could have gotten confused with the homework. Thanks for the shout out and great job NIC!

  4. Good job Nic, you have no spelling errors and wrote about what we did that day. Also, I could understand it well.

  5. Great job Nic! You did an awesome job on putting important information in your text. You also did a great job including pictures.

  6. Good job!You wrote so much and it was so detailed.I loved the pictures, but I think you could've placed one more image to make it really interesting.

  7. Great job Nic! You had a great sized summary of what happened that day. If I wasn't there that day I'm pretty sure I would now a lot about class. There were no spelling errors and you had lot's of multimedia.

  8. Nic you did a great job on putting a good amount of pictures and putting the writing in order of what we did in class first to last. last but not least I really liked how you didn't put the whole writing in a big block you separated it by a little every paragraph (about.) Just to make yours perfect you could have added a little more details. You did a great job, I hope you feel good about yourself.

  9. Nic,
    I appreciated your blog post really well. I loved that you included no spelling errors and that you wrote exactly what we did that day. My score for this blog post would be at LEAST a five. You included everything a post needs and while I was skimming through some blog posts, yours called my attention most of all.