Monday, September 1, 2014

Class Scribe/ September 1,2014

-Do Now                                           Colin Z
-Word Nerd
-Jigsaw: quality check 

   Big learning target    
   3.0 I can write in 
   order to learn about
   Supporting target
   I can use academic
  vocabulary in my 

Today we started with the do now. We opened our laptops and opened the humanities blog, where we had to comment on two class scribe posts. Then after we wrote the comments we reflected on the two posts.

Next we went on quizlet to do ties that bind set 3. We got 10 minutes to look over our new words.

The words we are learning

After that we started our jigsaw quality check. 
Next we had 5 minutes to share and check some 
of our answers with the person sitting next to us.                   

Last we did our jigsaw check. We where paired up with other sections so if you where section A you would be with section B. Once you were in your groups one section told the other section their part of the reading and vise versa.

Read chapter 5
and do the
double entry

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