Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On our Art 6 site, you need to post:
An introduction to your page
At least 5 different pictures of your drawings (3 must be observational drawing)
Explain each drawing, what was the focus of that assignment, how did you feel about it, what have you learned?

       This scissors was made by perspective and this justifies that this is a drawing that shows a lot more of focus and tension. This was a three dimensional drawing and the negative space was harder than it looks. This is was made with perseverance and willing to learn, however this was a more of an unexpected drawing. This tells me that you feel nervous but I learned how to make the other side of three dimensional objects including the negative space.

        The hammer was one of the projects about the negative space. As a matter a fact, the interesting fact about this drawing is that the perspective from the hammer was much different than the others, because the stick that holds the metal is flat. After, drawing a hammer isn't that bad unless if you know how to draw three dimensional. It got me nervous about the hammer, I would never no my results for the negative space.

This was the most difficult part, We had to draw something two dimensional and their was no chance to make it three dimensional. This was the easiest observation object that we would be acssecsd. I felt nervous because of some much details and texture on the shoe, I had a hard time looking and discriminating the texture.

In this occasion, the tree was much farther and had lots lines and branches. It was difficult to analyse the idea and what part to draw first, but as I thought, the tree has a whole bunch of texture which cannot be discriminated all at once, unless you have a good eye on the texture.

The hand was easy because the start was at the center and the lines popping out, would make the figure of top finger. As the top finger would go all the way down, the other fingers would join, the bottom finger will end, right where we drew the top finger. Their would be three fingers left over, they would be replacing the bottom ones and represent the background.

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