Thursday, September 25, 2014

Class scribe september 25, 2014

Written by: Luísa Pereira, acting as the class scribe.


  • Do now 
  • The Sneeches 
  • Practice essay work 
  • Speed dating 
HOMEWORK: 5 evidence quotes and analysis ''Practice Essay Ailin vs. Eileen''

The Sneeches front page  
Do now about symbolism 
      We started out with the do now, which asked us about what is symbolism, then we read and talked about ''The Sneeches'' by: Dr.Seuss and we highlighted evidence of what symbolism is in the text. Today's Big learning targets are 5.0-I can effectively engage in high-quality, text- based discussion with diverse partners. 3.0- I can write in order to learn about Chinese history. The supporting learning target is 4.4- I can use evidence to support my inferences (educated guesses).

The Sneeches back page 
    Now, we are doing an activity about connecting words that we learned in Ties that bind, Ties that break.Next, we are practicing by writing a prompt about compare and contrast Ailin, the Chinese name, and Eileen the American name.  
connecting the words

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