Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humanities Wednesday, September 24

                                                             By Kayla: The Class Scribe
                                         Wednesday September 24, 2014 Day C

  • Do Now
  • Analysing Evidence About Characters 
  • Intro to Section 1 of Rubric
  • Evidence Collection
  • Speed Dating    
Big Learning Targets: 

5.0 I can effectively engage in high-quality, text-based discussions with diverse partners.
3.0 I can write in order to learn about Chinese history.

Supporting Learning Targets: 

4.4 I can use evidence to support my inferences.

3.1 I can write clear paragraphs that analyse literature. 


Finish the Questions on the rubric. 

       We started the Do Now. After we finished we discussed with our partners about questions 1, 2, and 3. When we finished we talked as a whole class, we had a very good discussion about Big Uncle and if he was a static character or a dynamic character. 
Static Characters - They do not experience basic character changes during the course of the story. 
Dynamic Characters - They experience changes through out the plot of the story. Although the change may be sudden, it is expected based on the story's events. 

       The next activity we did was Analysing Evidence About Characters. Mrs. Vallillo gave us and our partners some quotes from the book Ties That Bind. We had to read the quotes with our partners and find evidence in the quote. Mrs. Vallillo had to clarify a quote because we weren't thinking deeply about it and now after we discussed it we all understood. During this activity I heard Leilani and Enzo having a great discussion. Enzo would find something in the quote and tell Leilani why that piece of evidence is important and Leilani would clarify some things, ask questions and make the whole discussion deeper. Great job guys. 

       When we finished the last thing we were discussing about we started our Evidence Collection. We opened up our doc called Q1 Summative Essay Prompt and Evidence and had some time to open up our books and find evidence for our Summative Essay. It was so quiet that I could hear the fifth grade kids talking. That means that everybody was focusing on their work, great job class. We also got one section of the Essay Rubric. The questions on the rubric were there just so understand more. 

       We did not have time for the rest of the activities, but we did work really hard today.    

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