Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Class Scribe Post

Posted By: Rachel Safdie acting as a Class Scribe

  • Do Now
  • Evidence Workshop
  • Track, Reflect, and Goal Set
  • Lit Circle Quiz #7
  • Lit Circle #7
  • Debrief

      Homework: Ch 9 + 10 Double-Entry Journal

        Today we started working on Quizlet! We worked on Ties That Bind - set 4. We've got some new words. I want to give a shout out to Lara, because when she came to class she opened her computer and started to see the new words on Quizlet.

          After we finished our do now, we started revising our exit ticket from yesterday. We talked about our class scribe posts and our next step after we already have feedback. Ms. V. also asked some questions about the next steps to.

       We answered the questions from the teacher and then moved on to our next thing, a sheet that is called "The world's Shortest Stories". We read the little stories. Ms. V. asked us to look at the board, and asked some questions:

1st Story

-What is going on with the women in the first story?
-Why did it happen?
-Is she cheating on her husband?
-Will she do it again?

2nd Story

-What does the boy feel?
-Why doesn't he love her?
-What does he say?

3rd Story

-What is going on?
-What do we notice about names?
-Who is Bill?

         After the Stories, we started reading a bigger story, and mark two places that you have opinion, question or idea. We also needed to find evidence about opinions.  We started reading and marking important information from the text. I liked how Jae Won started reading and marking fastly.

   After this activity, we started discussing about the story we read.

           After the discussion, we started our literature circle. Some very good questions were:

-Is Ailin going to come back home?
-I don't think so, do you?
-Does she talk to her teacher in english?

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