Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Evidence and Lit circle

          By Arthur the class scribe                                                                             Block 4    09/09/14

  •       Do know
  •       Evidence workshop
  •        Track, Reflect, and Goal set
  •       Lit circle quiz #7
  •       Lit circle #7
  •      Debrief
Big learning target:
5.0  I can effectively engage in high-quality, text-based discussions with diverse partners.
Supporting learning target:
4.4 I can use evidence to support my inferences.
5.4 I can ask and  answer discussion sparking questions.

First we all started to work on our do know. The do know was to open up to Quizlet and learn the word nerd in the set called ties that bind and ties that break set#4. After the Do Know we talked about our Author Reflection sheet.

Then we passed to evidence workshop. Scholar swag for passing the sheets in less than 10 seconds.

On the sheet there were four stories. The Beginning, Young love, The salon visit and Smell the roses. We read them and then we talked about them.  After Ms Vallillo passed down another sheet named BORN OF MAN AND WOMAN. We had to talk about what the inferences and their evidence that they had to support. When we finished reading we talked about the text with Ms Vallillo.

Then we did our lit circle quiz#7 to see if everyone read chapter 7-8. There were three questions:
1. What three chooses does big uncle give Ailin for her future?
2. What job does Ailin accept?
3. What does the houseboy at the Warners house feel about Ailin? why?
Good luck!!!

Then we went straight to lit circle groups and started talking about chapter 7,8. The cool thing was that we had cookies!!!

I heard some very good discussions  in lots of groups.

I heard some very good discussions  in lots of groups.

The homework for friday is to finish Ch 9+10 + double entry journal.

Thats all for today :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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