Monday, September 8, 2014

Class Scribe, September 8, 2014

Class Scribe: Priscila
Date: September 8, 2014

  • Do Now
  • Reviewing Class Scribe
  • Process your feedback
  • Word Nerd #4
  • Quickwrite #2

Big Learning Targets:
  • 3.0  I can write to learn about Chinese history
  • I can use feedback like a learner ( we are not going to be assessed on this learning target, but we still need to be able to do this. )
Do Now

There is no supporting learning targets.

   Do Now:
We started off the day with the Do Now. There is a text that you are supposed to read and two questions for you to answer, that are How do learners use grades? and What typically motivates you to work hard at learning something? After, we answered them we went over the questions as a class.

Reviewing Class Scribe:

The Tools of a Writer
After the Do Now, we started reading The Tools of a Writer. When we were done with that we went to our partners to discuss about the text and the learning targets and see which writing trait ( ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency ) fits to the learning targets.

image that we discussed what is wrong with it
Later, we went to see an image and answered discussed with our partners to see what is wrong with the image. After we were done, we answered three questions,, What is different about these two paragraphs from two different posts?, Which learning target do you think this relates to? Which writing trait does this relate to?, Which is better? Why?  After we answered them we went over again with our partners to see two paragraphs. After, we answered 3 more questions at the back. With our partners, we made a list of what labels we should have for humanities class.
Exit Ticket
Process your feedback:
You can get warm or cold feedback. Answer the questions at the front, What feedback did I get?, What do I think about the feedback?, and What are my next steps?  
With the dots on top of the table, put each one of them in the grade that you got. This is the exit ticket, you have to finish front and back.

- We weren't able to finish the day with the Word Nerd #4 on  and the Quickwrite #2 because we didn't have enough time.

  • Finish chapter 7 and 8
  • finish Double Entry Journal ( remember 3 quotes + 3 thoughts )

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