Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lucas acting like class scribe #2

Do now

  1. Do now
  2. Vocabulary image matching
  3. Primary source
  4. quick write #3
  5. revise quick write
  6. track reflect, goal set
Big learning target: 4.0- I can read  closely to learn about history

  1. Supporting learning targets: 4.4- I can us evidence to support my inferences.
  2. 2.4- I can explain how foot binding became a tradition + how it was abolished.
  • we received the double entry journal for chapters 9-10
  • We got our formative assessment 3 back
  • we put 2 sticky notes and put on the tracking our learning 1.0 and 3.0.  The max  score you could get is 4 because it is a multiple choice answer quiz so there is no way to go above and beyond, (exceed).
  • We also got our literature quizzes back 4, 5 and 7. 

  1. We worked a bit on the quick write, it is like a writing prompt.  There were 3 prompt you could choose 1. Ailins perspective of not having feet bound.  2. second sisters perspective of feet bound. 3. Mothers perspective  of the kids especially Ailin.

Class time today was spent well on hard work and fun.  We started out class with the do now.  Later on we did the vocabulary matching.  It contained some words from the book Ties that bind ties that break.  Last but not least we did the tracking our learning.  We put some orange stickers that represent formative.  The green one represents pre- assessment.  The total last thing we did in the class was write one to two sentences about how well you spent class time (Humanities).  That was our exit ticket.  An exit ticket is a sheet etc that you do to get out of class.  It is like a task before class ends.  If you missed a class and you didn't do your H.W go to the missing work bin that is located next to the do now straight down.  

Almost last reminder Tomorrow is a HALF DAY!
Double entry journal chapter 9-10

Being Defiant
Look at Sebastien working on the quick write!

Quick write #3
 One last reminder don't forget to read chapter 9 and 10 also the double entry journal, 3 quotes DONT" FORGET
Felipe raising hand, Nice job Felipe

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