Thursday, September 11, 2014

Class Scribe Baltasar

1. Do now
2. Primary Source
3. Quick write
4. Evidence Collection
5. Revise Quick write
6. Track, reflect, goal set

Big learning Targets 4.0
I can read closely to learn about history
4.4 I can use evidence to support my inferences

1. Do now
On the Do Now, its all about sourcing and how historians read documents. But we focus more on sourcing.
There are also 2  rules: The rule of Bias and the Rule of Time and Place
The rule of Bias, The rules of Bias, that every source document has a certain level of Bias, and the way it was biased
The Rule of Time and Place
In the meantime, lets show this guy doing work
Alright, lets imagine the Boxer Rebellion, and then imagine a guy that makes a documentary on the rebellion, and then theres another guy that makes another documentary a few weeks later. Which is better? The one made at the time being! Because that "guy" had a better experience!

2. Quizlet (Unexpected Plot Twist!) 
Ties that bind, ties that break Set 4 of words,
As everyone is learning the words and making sure that all pictures have the correct word and definition under them, and preparing for the oncoming mini tournament! A lot of concentration is put into this, and everyone contributing together!

Everyone working hard!

The mini Tournament has OFFICIALLY began!

Apparently there was a super challenge, but I couldn't get it on camera (too much work), I'll describe it tho
The whole picture is black, and there is a person in the picture, looking mischievous, the word for pic was Heathen: A person that people think  believes in the wrong religion

There are 3 prompts. you have to choose from one of them, I don't exactly know if one is more difficult than the other, but I would certainly say that you should be aware of that you are your audience, so it means that you can be more honest on the writing. I think its better so you don't have to think about borders when writing.

sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ʇǝq
Everyone is concentrated on their work without interruption. Many have unique ideas on how to start their story, how they develop their characters and maybe they add plot twists! 
(We got more Scholar Swag than the other class!)
4. Tracking our Learning
Most people scored a 4 on 2.2. On 3.5 we scored 4, like literally everyone got 4 

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