Friday, September 12, 2014

Class Scribe of the Day

 By: Nina Stevens

Kayla and Lucas looking for evidence
Do Now
Dance Break
Reflection + Tracking
Lit Circle Quiz
Lit Circle #8

Do Now: Dance Moves
The first thing we did today was the Do Now. On the Do Now we had to invent dance moves that made sense with the vocabulary words. The dance moves that we did were fist in the air, back it up, “windmill” your hands, lightbulb, order “airblocks”, hollah, shopping cart, wave, robot, and jazz hands!  We did that because then we could understand better what the word means. The second part of the Do now was the evidence and analysis. We needed to rephrase a question to our own words and we needed to find evidence on the book and write it. 

         The second thing we did today was that we wrote feedback that we got and my next steps. We did this because then we can learn how to process our feedback and the next steps are for us to see what are we going to do next to improve what we did wrong or not so good. 
         The third thing that we were supposed to do was the Lit Circle Quiz but ms.V surprised us and said that we were not going to have the quiz. So the actual third thing we did was the Lit Circle #8. We talked about the norms, what is a tradition that your culture or family has, what we thought about the reading, clarifying questions, and the deeper discussion. Jae said something really interesting, he said that Big Uncle didn't just hate Ailin, he liked and took care of her because she is still family when she needed money for the trip to America so he has two faces.
Homework: Read chapter 11 and Epilogue due Monday, Sept. 15



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