Sunday, September 7, 2014

Layla's Class Scribe: September 5, 2014

-Do Now
-Lit Circle Quiz #6
-Lit Circle #6
-Blog Post

Big Learning Targets:
5.0 I can effectively engage in high-quality, text-based discussions with diverse partners

Supporting Learning Targets:
5.3 I can ask discussion-sparking questions
3.4 I can use evidence to support my inferences

Do Now:
Working hard on the Do Now
We started off the day with the Do Now. The questions asked what a learner would do, say, and if you thought of yourself as a learner. After the Do Now we had to work with our elbow partners to talk about the questions in the Do Now. As part of the discussion the teacher called on four boys to say their answers.

Lit Circle Quiz #6:
For Homework we were supposed to read Chapter 6 and fill out our Double Entry Journal. The Quiz was on Chapter 6. It was only three questions and everybody finished it pretty quickly.

Lit Circle #6:
After the Quiz we met with our Lit Circle Groups and talked about Chapter 6.
We were supposed to follow the Discussion Agenda and Questions to Consider for Deeper Discussion to have a good conversation about the chapter.

After the discussion there were questions on the back of the sheet we had to answer. We had to reflect on our Discussion. What our group did well, what they didn't do very well, and what you think you need to remember from this part of the book.

Read Chapter 7 and 8 + Double Entry Journal


  1. Hi Layla,

    Well organized blog post! Very easy to follow the flow of class with your nicely labeled sections and illustrative photos. This post would make a good reference for anyone who missed class and wondered what had happened. Next time, maybe share one of your favorite moments of class. Incorporating some humor will make reading these posts both fun and informative.

    Nice work!

    -Dr. Piper from Massachusetts

  2. good job Layla! I like how you neatly organized your pictures right next to the text and you listed all the details neatly.