Monday, September 8, 2014

Class scribe!!

Written By Isaac Glover, Class Scribe.

- Do-Know
- Lit. Circle Quiz
- Lit. Circle
- Debrief
- Blog Post

1:50 PM
Enzo went straight to his partner and started talking.

Everyone Got their Do-know and got straight to the do-know. We all worked very hard. The do know had these questions: What are three things you would hear a learner say? What are two things a learner does? what is one thing a learner is?Explain? and do you feel like a learner or just a student?Why?Does your answer apply to all the time or just sometimes? We had to stop and he gave us a scholar swag for working well. Then we shared with Our partner. I would like to give a compliment to Enzo who instantly went to Kayla's desk and they both discussed. After the discussion they went back to their seats. three of us shared our answer. We asked each other if we did the homework. We put the do know away and started passing out the quiz. we started doing the quiz. We got scholar swag because everyone did homework. I would like to give another student appreciation to Sebastian for going straight into the quiz. We got into our lit circle groups. And Then did a discussion.
Sebastian working hard.

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