Thursday, September 4, 2014

Class Scribe: September 4, 2014

Written by: Sofi, acting as class scribe

-Do now
-Gallery Walk
-What are the qualities of learners?
-Formative Check: Vocab+Imperialism

Big learning Targets:

1.I can use feedback to grow as a learner

Do now #1

On the do now I saw lots of people concentrating and focused on the sheet they were working on. I saw Felipe and Lara working very hard (as they always are).The picture in the Do now that we were studying was a gigantic bird trying to swallow a frog. Both were kind off trying to kill each other... The Do now was mainly focused on our oppinionaire. There was 7  true or false questions that we had to answer with a cool dance!

Gallery Walk #2

Next we did the Gallery walk. Ms. Vallillo told us some rules we should know while going around the pictures we were looking at, such as:
-going to a picture that was not to crowded
-not talking so loud so that everyone could concentrate on their work
-respect other peoples property
When everyone went to look at pictures, it felt like I was in a library because it was so quiet! I saw lots of people focusing very hard. We all had  a sheet of paper that we had to record information about the pictures we saw. The pictures (by my surprise) weren't images, they were quotes! What I liked was that everyone was at one individual quote and there was no group of people at one piece of paper.

Lupe working hard

Debrief of the Gallery Walk
After, when Ms. Vallillo said that she was very proud of us, we had to talk to our partners about what quote we were interested in. Colin said something really smart that was, "I saw a poster that said 'there's a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet' and I wonder if that is like a growth mind set and a fixed mindset." Everyone agreed with him. Nest we turned over the page and wrote our personal answers to questions:
-What are some words or phrases that stuck out to you in the gallery walk?
-What connections can you make between the gallery walk and your learning at Graded?
-What do you think the purpose is? How do grades fit into the overall learning you will be experiencing at school?

What are the qualities of learners? #3

We were anchoring our thinking about the story we heard about Ms. Vallillo and the quotes we saw on the floor. We made charts that said learners say, learners do, learners are. For everyone to say what they thought, we threw a paper ball to people so that they could say what they thought and what they wrote.

-Formative Check: Vocab+Imperialism

 Unfortunately I don't have pictures for this one but I saw everyone sitting quietly and focused on their quizzes. The quiz involved choice answers like:
What is Jessie's favorite color?
a) Blue
b) red
c) green
d) yellow
And it involved writing about a picture that we saw.

Any thing else?

Anyways, I thought that everyone worked great today! Good job Block 1 (I think that's our block)!

Homework is reading chpt. 6 of Ties that Bind and doing the double entry journal on chpt. 6

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