Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lara Acting as Class Scribe for the Second Time


     The first thing we did,like always,was our Do Now.Today,we had to look back at our book(Ties that Bind,Ties That Break) and our foot binding reading to answer any questions we still had on our popplet that we had created(it should be named something like Investigation China)and ask any based on the new information we received.After,we also had to write down important dates we should remember and why.

     Second,we checked through our HW which was named Evidence Debrief and it was a quick review about evidence.After that, we flipped our Do Now over and read a paragraph about sourcing and how historians use sourcing and why.For the questions below,we had to answer as many of them we could in 3 minutes.Everyone was working really hard and I would like to give Giullia,Sofi and Jae Wan.Because we worked so hard, Ms.V gave us 2 scholar swag!After that,we reviewed our writing as a class and we had a deep discussion about it.The most exiting thing came after that.Ms.V took out 2 tiny chinese shoes from someone who had their feet bound back from the 1600s-1900s!
      The purpose was for us to write our thoughts down about the shoe.We had many interesting question to ask.I even overheard Rachel asking if the shoe was handmade.If it was, imagine how much work was taken to do all of those details!
      Third ms.V gave us a sheet named Perspectives on Foot Binding and Women in China.There were 2 pages(front and back)the same.Each had 3 columns named:Source it,evidence,significance and it had 2 rows.We completed the first row as a class .Then, we had to get up, find a source,a piece of paper that was around the class and we had to ask any remaining questions you have and any thoughts you can answer using that sheet,and answer it on the second row of the sheet.I had so many questions!After this,Ms.V gave us even more scholar swag.Then,we had to share with our partners about the source of the shoe.At the end of the class, Ms.V announced that she would take our sheet back and the the homework was to read chapters 9 and 10 and that she would give us the double entry journal.

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