Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Class Scribe

Class Scribe, Matt Ro

comparing feet
Big learning target:
I can read closely to learn about history

We came in class as usual and we started right away with our Do Now. Todays Do Now was instructing us to get into our Popplet and write important information about ancient China and foot binding. Next we transitioned to writing important dates that happened in this time period with our partners. Then Ms. Vallilo told us to flip the Do Now and work on Historical Thinking Skill 1:  Sourcing. When we were finished, she told us to talk with our partners about sourcing a text then she
talked a little more about what sourcing is.
She brought a mysterious orange box.  She opened it and inside were tiny shoes no bigger than a pencil. She explained that these shoes were used in ancient China. Then we passed out a sheet called, object information form which asked what the object looked like ,what you thought it was made of, etc. After that, we received 2 stapled sheets named Perspectives on footbinding and women in China.  Ms. Vallillo told us to walk around the room and fill in the sheets. There was also blank posters that we had to fill in just like the sheets. After we walked around the room we sat.

To close the day I would like to give student appreciation to Tarik and Gabriel for having such a good discussion.

Homework ch 9 + 10 ( due friday )

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