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September 23, 2014 By: Guadalupe working as class scribe
Day B

Learning Target
1) 5.0 I can effectively engage in high-quality, text-based discussions with diverse partners
2) 3.0 I can write in order to learn about Chinese history.

Guiding Questions
  • Which traditions should be be kept?
  • How do readers make meaning from the text?

  • Do Now
  • Inference About Characters
  • Prompt Discussion
  • Evidence Collection
  • Quiz Quiz Trade

  • Add 2 Pieces of evidence and analysis to your google docs

This is the Do Now

Today we started with our Do Now. The Do Now was about characterization and what it is. We discussed that characterization is when the writer shows the personality of a character in different ways. Ms.V told us that to remember what indirect characterization is, we could remember the word STEAL ( Speech, Thoughts, Effect on others, Actions, Looks).

This is the page we used to grade
 our partners on the last lit circle.
After that Ms. V decided to change our schedule and do Quiz Quiz Trade. Everybody was trying really hard to get as much words as possible and learn the words they had forgotten. Ms.V tried to make us play with all of the words from the past weeks but it was hard because we had more words than people, so we couldn't use all of the cards.

When we finished we went back to our Socratic Seminar Discussion and graded ourselves looking back at the feedback our partners gave us on the last Lit Circle.

Next we started to look at our SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT ESSAY QUESTION (everybody has their own, if you want to find it it is in Google Docs, the Humanities folder, named "Q1 Summative Essay Prompt and Evidence - Your name").  This is a google document that has a prompt about an essay we are going to have to do later on in the Quarter.  The prompt was asking us to do an argumentative essay  to compare and contrast how Big Uncle and Father affect Ailin’s life and her decisions using a lot of evidence. With our partners we read the prompt and rephrased it in our own words so we could comprehend the task better. Then we had to try to answer the question using background knowledge. This took us a long time to finish so by the time it was time to go, most of us were done with this and started the second part of the project, finding evidence.

                                                         This is all we did today!!  :)  :)
We got more scholar swag and we are beating the other class

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