Monday, September 15, 2014

Gabe Class Scribe, 9/15/14

        Today our essential question was, I can effectively engage in high quality text based discussion.
First we started out with our do now. The do now was to refresh our memories about discussion and the strategies that we have learned and done. I think we did this to practice for our summative discussion assignment that we are going to have also today in class.

        The next thing we did was get ready for our discussion and find evidence to support the questions that we had to answer according to the group that you were in. You had to find evidence from the book Ties That Bind Ties That Break, to answer the question that you had to answer. Then you would write the evidence on the paper you had. I saw very good quiet work from everyone.
Then we all had partners to keep track of the good things that their partner did in the discussion, but they also gave them feedback that they can do better with, the next time. We had to put our discussion goals also so we were more motivated to do them. Then we were ready for our discussions. The first discussion was very good. I think that it had great details, textual evidence and everyone opened to the reading. One answer to the question of the discussion: What is the difference and similarities of big uncle and Father. Father can let Ailin bind her feet if she wants to. Uncle would not let her do that. In the discussion I want to give a shout out to Sofia, for explaining really well the difference of the two people and she used the text well. I think that our second discussion was also very good and we used good evidence and explanations.
Over all today we were very good and detailed. We have no homework. Have a great time at CWW!!!!

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