Sunday, September 14, 2014

Class scribe by Raghav Rastogi        9/12/14


.Do Now
.Dance break
.Reflection tracking
.Lit circle quiz
- Lit circle chapter 8

Today we started with the Do now like always. The Do Now was about to write and draw a dance move for the word. ms. V then asked us to see if we had any dance move for the words. Like when Dominik did a move for idea. He waved his head around with his finger on his forehead.
After that we danced the dance moves to practice.

Now we started the dance break. Sophie called out the moves while the class danced to it. It was 
helpful because then we would be able to remember the words.

After that we started answering the questions on the back of the Dow Now. After that Ms. V asked us what is the difference of Ailin and Eilin. Catalina asked a great question, " how did the the chinese Ailin change to the american Eilin?” After going over that question and answering it we had to find one quote in the book and write it down. One quote that Dominik wrote was “ During my next two years as the warners I lived wholly as Eilin.” (pg. 102). His analysis for that quote was that she acknowledged that there is a difference. 

Now we are tracking our scores. Ms. V asked us to fill out the sheet that she gave us. After this we tracked our learning. Many people got scores around four and five. Maybe next time we can try to get a six and a seven if possible.  One goal from Tarak is to use learning targets.

I heard a really good discussion from Victors group. They had their books open and they were discussing the book very seriously. I also liked how Takuma was thinking very hard about his answer. His group was ready to be opened to others thoughts.

Well thats a summary for today!
( P.S. remember to study the words, also remember to try to get a six or a seven on your lit circle!)

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