Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enzo's Class Scribe

                               Tuesday September 2, 2014
  • Do Now
  • Lit Circle Quiz 5
  • Lit Circle 5
  • High Quality Questions
  • Selecting textual Evidence 1: writers workshop:   

We first started doing our Do Now, that was to revise chapter 5 of  Ties That Bind book using the the book to answer the questions.

Then we started our Lit Circle quiz and after we finished we gave them to the teacher.

Then Ms. Vallilo gave us the discussion sheets for us to write our goals for today's Lit Circles. I saw the class writting their goals for Lit Circles 5.

When Litture Circles start I saw someone from a group discussing the main character, Alian. I think that their was an important women in China's history.  Also I saw lots of students discussing important information to their groups.      
After Lit Circles we left our groups and went back to our own desks. Now it was time to do High Quality Questions. We made a chart of our in our desks that had questions of our  Lit Circle. Also the chart that had the questions had characteristics with two categories. That were lame and high quality questions. Then after some time the class help make a list.

Finally we went to ed-puzzle that was our exit ticket. We look for evidence in looking in a video and filling out a chart. It was a good day at Ms.Vallilo's class.

Homework: Go to edpuzzle and watch the video called Evidence Workshop 1 and fill out the sheet when watching the video

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  1. Good job Enzo, but there were a few errors. In paragraph 4 you spelled Ailin wrong and she was not a part of China's history, the book that we are reading is not a true story. It is based off of true events, but the characters aren't real. You also spelled Literature Circles wrong in paragraph 4.