Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Class Scribe : Ms. V Block 1


  • Do Now
  •  Evidence collection
  • Writers Workshop
  •  Work time 
  • Vocab
  • Quiz Quiz trade
  • Finish that Sentence
HW for today: Chp 6 and Double Entry Journal due Friday and study for vocal Quiz on thursday.
3.0 I can write to learn about history.
3.5 I can use evidence to support my inference
3.6 I can use academic vocal in my writing.

We came off to a great start today! Everyone was very concentrated on their Do Now and everyone was focusing on sharing their awnsers with their partners. Today our Do Now was about evidence. Its a very important thing for discussion. For our HW for yesterday we watched a video in Edpuzzle and do a sheet of the What and Why, so we revised that next.
Sebastian and Nina
 After that we opened to a doc. called "Evidence Notecatcher - China Imperialism - (your name)" we worked on that for a while. The questions that we needed to respond were the following and we needed 3 different awnsers:

Foreign Influence
Quote showing how or why China became less isolated
Reason why China became less isolated in this quote

Later on we did  Vocab picture match and than Quiz Quiz trade.  Our new words are : Lethargy,
Reprimand, Gaunt, Appalled, Plagued, Excruciating, Meekly, Submissive and Venture. Find them on QuizletI was so happy that our class went back to our seats very quick. 
Colin Z. working hard

Shout outs: I want to give a shootout for Colin Z. because I saw him working very hard.
I also want to give a shootout to Lupe because she taped the broken box
 Finally, I want to give a shout out to the whole class because we earned a lot of scholar swag.

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