Monday, September 8, 2014

3rd Class Scribe Time!!!

Written By Isaac, The Class Scribe.

Do know
Reviewing Class scribe 
process your feedback
word nerd 4
quick write 2

So as usual we started our day with the do-know. It had a paragraph about the reason we have grades and 2 
Jae Worked hard
questions about that. We got a scholar swag and had to talk with our
Colin and Leilani
having a good conversation.

  partner about the do-know. then we talked about our answers. then we said the learning targets and did an oppiniare. We talked together about it and then moved on to a part called tools of a writer. I gave Jae-won A scholar swag for working very hard. Then we talked with our partner. We all talked together about it. Then we moved on and had to say what was wrong. Then we talked about a sheet and were given scholar swag. We did it with another and we went to a label that would be good for the class scribe. We got our scores/grades for class scribe right after and reflected on them. 

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