Thursday, September 4, 2014

Class Scribe: September 4, 2014

Karishma R. acting as Class Scribe

-Do Now
-Gallery walk
-Qualities of a Learner
-Formative Check: Vocab + Imperialism

Big Learning Targets:
-I can use feedback to grow as a learner
-I can describe the qualities of a learner
(we won't be assessed on these, they are only to reflect on) 

Do Now:
In our Do Now, we had to
2. Study the picture to the left. What learning habit do you think the frog in this picture is showing? (Learning Habits: Inclusive, Responsible, Curious, Perseverance.)
Directions: Read each statement. Based on your opinion, circle True or False.
1. When something is difficult, I want to quit
2. I am often stressed out due to things beyond my control
3. If i fail at something, I see it as an opportunity to learn
4. Overcoming challenges makes a person stronger
5. I set short-term and long-term goals for myself
6. I usually achieve the goals that I set for myself
7. If I try hard and I don't succeed, it's not my fault.

Gallery Walk:
Layla writing down her thoughts in the gallery walk!
During the Gallery Walk, we would go up to different pictures and quotes and write              
 down what we noticed and wondered. Then we discussed about what we noticed and wondered
about the gallery walk with our partners. Lastly, we answered the following questions:
1. What are some words or phrases that stuck out to you in the gallery walk?
2. What connections can you make between the gallery walk and your learning at Graded?
3. What do you think the purpose of grades are? How do grades fit  onto the overall learning you will experience at school.                                
Dominick and Raj working very Hard!
Qualities of a Learner:
We had to create a t-chart with three sections on our desks:          
Learners say, Learners do, Learners are. Some people wrote that they think learners are...curious, listeners, do their best, challenge themselves, don't give up...say..."no problem I can do this", "there's no best answer", "what mistakes did I make?".

Formative Check: Vocab + Imperialism:
We took a short two-page-sided formative quiz on our vocab that we learned and what we learned about imperialism in China.

Double entry journal on chapter 6!

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