Thursday, September 25, 2014

Class Scribe- Thursday 25 of September

  • Do Now
  • The Sneeches
  • Vocab connections 
  • Practice Essay Work
sorry its the wrong way!! :(

           First we did our Do Now that talks about symbolism. Some people understood what it means, and some people didn't, but most of the class was in the middle which is a very good thing because thats what we're learning and the point is for you not to know. I really liked how Thereza was really working hard on her Do Now. 

         Then we started to read "The Sneeches". Then we had to talk about this question : What is one important symbol in the story? and, What does it represent? One thing that I liked was what Felipe Dias said : I think that sneeches with a star would be a person with bound feet, and sneeches with out  a star are people with bound feet.


       After we read "The Sneeches" we started to play a game that we had to get a vocab word and connect it to another persons' word in less then 7 min the other class did it in 6 1/2 min lets see if we can beat that!

This was just the beginning!
Now the moment you are all waiting for............................!!!!!!.....................

This is the END!

Then, when the game ended we got our computers out and started to write practice claims for our essay ( remember the dance move - fists up ). I personally think we did really well


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