Friday, September 26, 2014

Class Scribe 26th, September.


- Do Now
- Venn Diagram
- Writing Time = Strong Paragraph
- Intro to Rubric Part 2
- Quote Sandwiches
- Writing Time
- Speed Dating

Big Learning Target: 

 - 3.0 I can write to learn about China's history.

Supporting Learning Target: 

- 3.1 I can organize a strong compare + contrast paragraph in response to Ties that Bind.

- 4.1 I can use evidence to support my inferences.

  As usual, our class started with the Do Now and in the Do Now we had to answer some question about Compare and Contrast Writing. Also at the back of the Do Now there were the language of Compare and Contrast Writing.

(Block 2 working very hard on their Do Now!!)

After they finished the Do Now, they had to highlight a sentence or a word related to AT&T and if they finished discussing about AT&T, they discussed about the question that they answered before at the beginning.

(I heard great discussions from Lupe, Victoria, Nigro, and Colin!!)

After the discussion, we circled the first sentence in each paragraph of the text Compare and Contrast Writing, and each sentence was a claim.
Afterwards, each partners talked about the Literary Analysis Essay Rubric - Section 2 and the learning targets of the rubric were:

- I can organize a strong paragraph analyzing literature in response to Ties That Bind, Ties That Break.
- I can effectively organize a compare and contrast essay.

(Nina, Sebastian, Thereza, Leilani discussed very good conversations and wrote what their partner said).

  And we returned to the rubric and Nigro said we needed to organize the paragraphs and sentences to get a 4 in the rubric. Later, we chose a partner in silence for the Venn Diagram activity. We grabbed an eraser, pencil the venn diagram paper, and we compared and contrasted Ailin and Eileen using the sentences at the back of the page and when we finished we went back to our usual place.
  After that we highlighted the sentences that we thought that were at the section BOTH and we the block 2 students talked about why these sentences were the section BOTH.
  Next, we got ready to write and after Ms.Vallillo asked us to write 2 strong paragraphs. Then, the block 2 students started to write the 2 strong paragraphs but before that Ms.V gave us 2 options of writing as a divided and alternating pattern. Ms. V said the divided pattern was easier and I think most of the people or all of the people in our class chose the divided pattern. The divided pattern was to write a paragraph of Ailin first and then write a paragraph of Eileen. I wrote as the divided pattern. ^^
  Almost at the end of the class, Ms.V said she was going to give feedback of the paragraph on Sunday and she said you people said they could study for the big essay about Big Uncle and Father on Tuesday.

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